What is HCA or hydroxycitric acid?

Dr. Chol Myung-Hee

Dr. Chol Myung-Hee explains what Hydroxycitric acid is.

Let me explain what HCA is, its profound effects on weight loss, and how you too can benefit from it.

To start, HCA (hydroxycitric acid) is an amazing weight loss ingredient found in a pumpkin like fruit called garicinia cambogia.

This fruit is native to Southeastern Asia but is mainly harvested and manufactured in India for different health supplements.
It was in the process of being researched for other health benefits when it was discovered that the garcinia cambogia fruit could have positive effects on weight loss. When this active ingredient named HCA is manufactured into an extract it’s responsible for providing safe weight loss as a Garicnia Cambogia supplement.

Clinical studies revealed two main benefits.

  1. A first main benefit is the reduction in appetite by increasing your body’s serotonin levels. What is Serotonin? This is a chemical that is released by the brain and is responsible for our appetite and our mood. Do you know anyone that gets grumpy when they are hungry? This is caused by a drop in our serotonin levels often leading to binge eating, leading to eating the wrong types of foods, at the wrong times to eat them. In fact the HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia helps to keep our Serotonin levels high, helping to suppress our appetites.
  2. The second main benefit is that it helps to block a digestive enzyme in our body that causes us to convert carbohydrates into stored energy, resulting in fat cell production. This is vital to losing weight without doing any additional exercise. At this point the body will not store any new energy and will trigger your metabolism to continue burning away existing fat cells. This is the most exciting part of this supplement. No specific diet, no exercise and you lose weight!

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What to Look For

When you are ready to buy a Garcinia Cambogia supplement, make sure you look for one with at least 50% HCA extract. This will be identified on the ingredient label if it’s not there the take the famous Dr. Oz’s advice and do not buy it. Also 50% is the recommended concentration to look for, but if you find one that little higher this is OK too. However, if the website or other marketing methods claim to have over 70% don’t waste your money. This is not the case; a concentration of 50% is most effective to maximize the benefits. Think of a car, if you overfill the oil this can prevent the oil from splashing around, preventing it from doing what it’s supposed to because there is just too much.

I would suggest that of all the HCA extract supplement out there it’s always best to go with one that other people have already used and have had success with. The Garcinia Cambogia Select is a popular supplement in the market right now, and as more people are using it and seeing results it’s going to be even more popular. This supplement contains 50% concentrated HCA extract which is what we recommend and it will help you reach your weight loss goals faster without the side effects of other products.


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